Successful new business.

Measured in paying customers.

We leverage your business opportunities and ensure countable new business. In existing and new markets. From the identification of potential to implementation and scaling on the market. We increase the innovation success of our clients measured in new customers and turnover by a factor of 10 on average.

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Implementing business ideas successfully.

In 3 steps with Wendero.

We systematically implement your business opportunities in three steps. Exactly as we do for successful start-ups as well as our own business ideas. Emphasis on doing.

1 Discover

We determine the market potential of business ideas and customer groups.

Survey customers - find out their willingness to pay - define custom-fit products and services - analyse competitors - determine lead potential - calculate market sizes and turnover potential - and much more.

2 Run

We implement your business ideas on the market and generate paying customers.

Create sales materials - research desired customers - set up CRM systems - approach decision-makers on various channels - try out sales methods - evaluate KPIs - sharpen service offers - and much more.

3 Scale

We leverage the full revenue potential of your business ideas and customer groups.

ramp up campaigns - optimise marketing and sales processes - recruit and train employees - roll out CRM systems etc. - connect sales partners - add more customer segments, regions and offers - and much more.


You have several business ideas and would like to select the most promising one(s) first? Would you like to generate additional business opportunities that have a high chance of success on the market? Then Innovation2Business is just right for you.

What kind of business ideas we implement.

In case studies.

Not every business idea has to be a new business model. Often the greatest business opportunities lie close to the core business.

Cooperation with us.

Courageous and open-hearted.

The truth about the success of any business idea is revealed in paying customers. We bring this truth to light systematically and quickly in the market. This produces great successes and hard insights. In our cooperation, there should be room for both.

Successful start-ups win many customers in a short time. Useless and paralysing things have no room here, otherwise the next round will burst. We also work with you in this spirit. In the process, a lot of things that sound innovative but achieve little are dropped. This requires courage, but also has something very liberating about it.

Many of our clients want to learn how to systematically bring their business ideas to the market. We form joint teams with these clients and transfer valuable knowledge to them. But we can also take on projects autonomously and bring everything with us to do so: from product and project managers to marketing and sales professionals to the IT tool stack.

We know in which cases we provide leverage and talk about it openly. We are just as interested in the background and framework conditions of the innovation activity as in the business opportunities themselves. Together we define appropriate goals and success factors for our cooperation. This is how we measure ourselves.

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