Kärcher and Wendero

"Entering new markets with industrial vacuums."

A strong sales company captures market share with a B2B direct sales strategy.

Initial situation and objective >Our measures >The result >

Initial situation and objective.

Initial situation

- Approx. € 2.5 billion turnover and 13,000 employees in 70 countries (2018)

- Successful company with great sales strength

- Business opportunities in new markets for industrial vacuum cleaners


- Build direct relationships with industrial customers and generate new sales

- Restriction: Do not attack existing commercial business


Develop a digital B2B direct sales strategy

The digital distribution channel makes it possible to build a network with ~25,000 decision-makers from industrial customers viaLinkedIn/Xing.

Analyse customer journey

When industrial customers are ready to buy, which channels they use and how they are addressed was determined in the customer journey analysis.

Carry out market tests

The strategy was validated in a real market test with 2,000 decision-makers from desired customers from different industry segments.

Determine blueprint and rollout

Using the blueprint and rollout plan, the distribution strategy can be rolled out in a large part of the 70 markets.


The sales team

has received hundreds of new contacts with decision-makers from ideal customers and has already achieved a seven-figure offer volume from the market test.

The Marketing Team

has quickly integrated the newly acquired channels and can now precisely target B2B decision-makers - far away from trade media and banner advertising.

The Business Unit Managers

have everything in their hands (process, metrics, tools, etc.) to leverage the full revenue potential of the new industrial markets.

The customers

were very inclined towards direct addressing and personal networking on social media channels.

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