Since 2012.

Partner of entrepreneurs and innovators.

Wendero emerged from the Berlin venture capital (VC) scene in 2012. Since then, we have brought more than 150 VC-funded start-ups to market and scaled them, including several unicorns. The innovation units of renowned medium-sized and large companies from various industries make use of this experience and expertise and implement their business ideas with us. We also work closely with investors.

Create impact.

Our claim.

We want to create impact: to help innovations achieve a breakthrough, to move people, to improve the world. That's why we only carry out client projects that are in this spirit and in whose success we firmly believe. This is exactly how we handle our own business ideas, which we implement on the market.

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Track Record

> 10
acquiring paying customers
> 1
bn €
Turnover potential validated
> 150
Startups marketed
> 100
Business ideas validated by corporates and brought to market
> 20
Doers in the team
> 30
Immediately usable IT tools for market testing and sales
Our team.

Grown on > 200 go-to-markets.

We are founders, marketing strategists, growth hackers, online marketers, CRM specialists, BI managers, ... and sales people. Each of us is an expert in his or her field. Together we form a complementary and powerful team. If a project requires special specialists, we draw on proven partners (designers, copywriters, industry experts, etc.).

Attract paying customers.

Our core competence.

Crucial to the success of any business idea are: paying customers. We master sales and marketing and take the most direct route to the market.

In this way, we break down start-up and innovation activities to what really counts: New business with the customers of today and tomorrow.

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Achieving more together.

Partnerships and initiatives.

We are closely networked with founders, innovators and investors. We have a longstanding relationship with many of them in the form of mentoring programmes, partnerships and joint initiatives. Currently, we are focusing on ImpactCampaigns and using our skills for the environment.

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