BMW and Wendero

"Selling new services to the drivers of our cars."

How an automotive giant gets to know the drivers of its cars and successfully distributes a new aftersales product to them.

Initial situation and objective >Our measures >The result >

Initial situation and objective.

Initial situation

- Third largest car manufacturer in Germany with > 130 thousand employees worldwide

- Approx. 4.5 million registered vehicles in Germany

- The drivers of used cars are mostly unknown in this context


- Development and validation of a new aftersales product that serves as the first point of contact with previously unknown used car drivers.

- At least 100 pre-orders of this product from the test campaign in Ireland; roll-out to other EU countries after this.

Our measures.

Identify customer needs and create MVP

Through interviews and online surveys with new and used car drivers as well as focus groups, 4 custom-fit MVPs for the aftersales product were developed in less than a month.

Identify drivers and develop sales strategy

Previously unknown drivers of used cars were located and made approachable via direct mailing, telephony, social media & embedded chat, among others.

Carry out market test

The distribution strategy was successfully tested in a market trial in Ireland. In a very short time, over 100 drivers pre-ordered the product and the project became the focus of the board.

Plan international rollout

Along the successful blueprint in Ireland, further countries were tested and the international rollout planned.

The result.

The internal project team

was able to show a success story after a few months and received recognition at board level.

The company

comes into systematic contact with drivers of used cars for the first time and opens up a new business model with recurring revenues.

The customers

also receive premium services from the manufacturer for second-hand cars and can flexibly increase, reduce or cancel their package.

The traders

are pleased that new customers now regularly come to their dealership, whom they did not have to approach through their own marketing measures.

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