Benteler and Wendero

"Boosting new e-mobility business

How a leading global automotive supplier is opening up new e-mobility markets.

Initial situation and objective >Our measures >The result >

Initial situation and objective.

Initial situation

- OEM, e.g. for the automotive industry

- Approx. € 8 billion turnover and 30 thousand employees (2018)

- New e-Mobility Division established


- Build direct relationships with e-mobility ideal customers

- Attracting interested parties for new e-mobility product

- First pre-development order received within 9 months

Our measures.

Determine customer profiling & journey

Through interviews in different segments, we found out how and on which channels desired customers should be addressed and how the new e-mobility product must be communicated.

Generate contact details of decision makers

> 350 precisely fitting decision-makers of ideal customers were identified and sales-relevant contact data was enriched with the help of tools.

Create sales materials

Based on the findings from the customer profiling, tailor-made sales materials were created for the different decision-makers (LinkedIn messages, email templates, landing pages, etc.).


Using a modern social selling process, hundreds of ideal decision-makers were approached individually in just a few weeks and 26 personal meetings were arranged with C-level decision-makers from ideal customers.

The result.

The sales team

did not expect 26 face-to-face decision-making appointments in such a short time and was happy with their quality and success.

The Marketing Team

now had new channels and a powerful process to precisely target and address top decision-makers.

The interlocutors

have praised the personal relevance and approach and are interested in the new e-mobility offer.

The new e-mobility Division

received several pre-development orders from the decision-makers' meetings in the same year.

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