What kind of distribution will private banking need in the future?

Liqid and Wendero

A FinTech unicorn captures market share with an inbound marketing strategy.

Initial situation and objective >Our measures >The result >

Initial situation and objective.

Initial situation

- Independent digital asset manager as an alternative to traditional private banks

- Provides access to premium wealth management and the best private equity funds with assets of €100,000 or more.

- Funding: 33M€

- Innovator of the Year 2019

- Capital Test Winner 2017/2018/2019


- Acquisition of high net worth individuals

- Introduction of a scalable sales & marketing process

Our measures.

Customer profiling

Through personal conversations, we have found out how high-net-worth individuals need to be addressed, what they look for and on which channels we can reach them.


With the insights from the customer profiling, we have rethought and adapted all sales materials, processes and channels.

Market test

Through iterative market testing, we have found a process that continuously generates new leads, wins customers and is scalable in the process.

Rollout plan

We have set up a concrete rollout plan to scale the newly created sales & marketing process.

The result.

The efficiency

of sales and marketing was increased by 30% in just a few months.

The sales process

is aligned exclusively along the customer journey and customer needs.

The sales team

continuously receives hot leads and is thus significantly more successful than before.

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